New Handmade Concho Hatbands

I hand pressed a few sterling silver conchos for these hatbands the other day. I needed a 20 ton press. An elephant is only 7 tons, so you can imagine the force it took to press this. Then I sawed it out, soldered on the bezel, shaped the stone, made the back slider, set the turquoise and oxidized and polished it. I love the way they turned out! These turquoise I used are American mined in Arizona.

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Tallgrass Prairie - Nature Conservation Arrowhead Project

Symbolic of forward movement and direction, arrowheads are a prehistoric symbol of courage and protection. This shown here is believed to be a middle archaic period bird point arrowhead. It was found in the Great Plains on a friend’s ranch near where I grew up. The artifact is thousands of years old. I 3d scanned, resized, 3d printed, made a mold and then cast it in various metals to be a little charm that measures approximately 11x7mm. The idea for this project spurs off of a personal documentary project I am photographing in the Great Plains where I grew up. A percentage of the profits from each sale will go towards the preservation of the Tallgrass Prairie near Cottonwood Falls, KS. Less than 4% of the world's tallgrass prairie remains. Most is found in the Flint Hills of Kansas. Shown here is 14k rose gold (the solid gold charms come on a very thin .8mm chain). It is also available in sterling silver, bronze and 14k gold plated as well.

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Patagonia, Chile

I was in Argentina three times and Patagonia twice for work last year. There is never ending visual inspiration there. Vast, rugged landscapes and beautiful culture.

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Sara Forrest